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Here are pdf files to my official lessons

in the "Jam of the Month" course.

When purchase you´ll get the articles, scales, transcribed lines and other files that

belongs to the particular jam.

There´s guitar tabs in the notations.

Here are the lessons:

(Click on the lesson name to watch and listen)

- December 2016 "A minor Dorian"

- January 2017 "Modulate between E minor and G minor"

- March 2017 "Lydian mode"

- June 2017 - "Jazz blues in major"

- October 2017 - "Melodic minor scale"

- March 2018 "Mixolydian mode"

- October 2018 "Modulate between maj7 chords"

- October 2019 "Soloing to a C minor Jazz blues"

- May 2020 "Mixojam - mixolydian mode"

- January 2021 "Improvising to 2-5-1 in G minor"

- May 2021 "Improvising to 2-5-1 in G major2

- March 2023 "Soloing in the aeolian mode"

- November 2023 "...to Blues shuffle in A"

- May 2024 "Mix single string & chords in the soloing"

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