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Here are 9 lessons in the finger picking style to purchase as a course.

This is a good start in the style and there´s also a progression in the course lessons so you will develop your finger picking.

(Click on the red links to watch the YouTube versions)

- Part 1; ...a starter in the style.

- Part 1,5; Combine two finger picking roll patterns.

- Part 2; Incorporate melodies.

- Part 3; Legato playing in the finger picking playing.

- Part 4; Three roll patterns.

- Part 5; Put in open strings.

- Part 6; Freight train, a good finger picking tune to learn, "W & L lesson".

- Part 7; The intro to the song "Dust in the wind".

- Part 8; "Pick your fingers", a tune to learn, "W & L lesson".

The package consists of the web store versions video lessons, pdf files and an e-Book (the e-Book only with the full course) in the package.

You can purchase the lessons separately with the one you want or as the full course in the shop list below.

If you only want the pdf files follow the link:

Finger picking course pdf files


Choose from the list below and I send you the package when I see your purchase.

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