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Here´s the "Quick lessons" arpeggios bundle.

Quick lessons are short lessons to get a bit of knownledge in a bigger topic or to learn a scale or similar smaller topics to put into your playing at once.

The videos are:

(Click on the red links to watch the YouTube versions)

1 - Bbmaj7#5 chord tone arpeggio to the Em7b5 chord

2 - Bbmaj7 chord tone arpeggio to the Gm7 chord

3 - Dmaj7 chord tone arpeggio to the Gmaj7 chord

4 - A9 chord tone arpeggio to the Gmaj7 chord

5 - Cmaj7 chord tone arpeggio to the Am9 chord

When purchase the "Quick lessons" arpeggios bundle you will get a page inlog to the videos in the bundle with lifetime streaming access. An e-Book and pdf music score with guitar tabs are included in the package.

You pay only one time for the bundle so all lessons/videos that will be put into the bundle in the future will be free for you.

If you only want the pdf files follow the link below.

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