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Here’s the ”Use the Pentatonic scale in Improvisation” course that´s about to find new ways to use the Pentatonic scale when improvising.

It´s a five lessons bundle and the lessons are.

(Click on the red links to watch the YouTube versions)

Part 1 - 3 Pentatonic scales in the Dorian mode

Part 2 - Pentatonic scale in the 2-5-1 chord progression

Part 3 - Use the Pentatonic scale in a Jazz standard

Part 4 - 3 Pentatonic scales to the B7#9#5 chord (Altered chord)

Part 5 - 3 Useful rhythmic Pentatonic licks

The course consists of web store versions video lessons, pdf files to all lessons, backing tracks and an e-Book. (The e-Book only with the full course).

You can purchase the full course as well as stand-alone lessons in the shop list below.

If you only want the pdf files follow the link: Pentatonics - pdf files


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