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Jam of the month - Fusion bundle

Here´s a bundle with 6 "Jam of the month" videos. The videos consist of the jam played and a back track in the video that has a text with tips on scales and more. There are also transcribed lines from the solos and you will get music score with and without notations to these.

The videos are:

(Click on the red links to watch the YouTube version videos)

1 - A minor dorian mode

2 - Modulate between E minor & G minor

3 - Lydian mode

4 - Melodic minor scale

5 - Modulate between two maj7 chords

6 - Mixojam - mixolydian mode

You will get a page inlog to the 6 with music score videos in the bundle with lifetime access to stream those. An e-Book (the e-Book only with the full bundle), back tracks, bonus content and pdf music score with guitar tabs are included in the package.

You pay only one time for the bundle so all lessons/videos that will be put into the bundle in the future will be free for you.

You can purchase the lessons separately or the full bundle. When purchase a lesson separately I send you a download link to the video. Choose from the shop list below.

There´s an option without the videos but all other content to this bundle to choose in the shop list.

If you only want the pdf files follow the link below:

- Pdf files / Jam of the month



Choose from the list below and I send you the package when I see your purchase.

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