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Essential scales

- The 7th Modes Course -

In this course you will learn the 7 modes. There are 7 lessons (one to each mode) where I show the scales and play improvisations in context for you to hear the sound of the particular mode. Furthermore there are seven "5 boxes in G" lessons where I show the scales to each mode all over the guitar neck.

You will have an inlog to 14 streaming videos in the course with lifetime access. All videos have music score. An e-Book, back tracks & pdf music score are included in the package.

More pdf files by follow the link: Essential scales pdf files

Here´s the phrygian mode lesson that´s a official guitar lesson for you to watch and see the contents when all the lessons in the course looks the same.

...and the 5 boxes in G with the phrygian scale.



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