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Here are music score with guitar tabs as pdf files

to my Instagram chord licks to purchase.

You will get the music score including guitar tabs with and without notations which tells necessary information to the guitar chord lick.

Follow the link below to see how it looks.

- Music score with notations

- Music score without notations

Watch the chord licks below.

...and you choose the music score in the shoplist below.


Choose from the list below and I send you the package when I see your purchase.

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Watch the chord licks from the links below.

- Insta chords no 1 - (Shapes with melody tones)

- Insta chords no 3 - (...in Funk style)

- Insta chords no 4 - (...in Funk fusion style)

- Insta chords no 5 - (Blues picking in Scotty Moore style)

- Insta chords no 6 - (A Bluesy comp with hybrid picking)

- Insta chords no 7 - (Hybrid picking in Funk style)

- Insta chords no 10 - (Chord voicings in G minor)

- Insta chords no 12 - (Chord solo lick to 2-5-1 in Bb minor)

- Insta chords no 13 - (Chord solo licks in E minor)

- Insta chords no 14 -  (Walking bass with chords)

- Insta chords no 15 -  (Walking bass with chords - the Rhythm)

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