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- Play the Jazz blues course -

In this serie with 5 web store versions video lessons I go through the basics and beyond to a 12 bar Jazz Blues in Bb major.

The lessons are: (Click on the red links to watch the YouTube versions)

Lesson 1 - Basic chords with and without the root in the bass / Basic arpeggios

Lesson 2 - Color chords

Lesson 3 - Basic soloing scales

Lesson 4 - Dominant Chords substitution and Altered chords

Lesson 5 - Dominant chord soloing scales

When you have done this course you have a good base to develop and master the playing of Jazz blues.

Web store versions video lessons, an e-Book, pdf files and a backing track are included in the package.

If you only want the pdf files follow the link:

Play the Jazz blues - pdf files


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