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Chord/Melody Guitar arrangements - Latin jazz bundle

The bundle includes 5 Chord/Melody guitar arrangements and a lesson with tips on arranging with parts from two arrangements in the bundle. I play the arrangement and there are also solos where I have transcribed lines and you will get the music score to these with and without notations. All videos in the package have music score.

The arrangements are: (Click on the red links to watch the YouTube versions)

1 - Wave - "Antonio Carlos Jobim" - (Guitar arrangement)

2 - Blue in Green - "Miles Davis" - (Chord/Melody)

3 - James - Pat Metheny - (Guitar arrangement)

4 - Giant steps - "John Coltrane" - (Chord/Melody)

5 - Blue Bossa "Kenny Dorham" - (Chord/Melody)

6 - Tips on arrange lesson

You will get a page inlog to the 6 with music score videos in the bundle with lifetime access to stream those. An e-Book (the e-Book only with the full bundle), back tracks, pdf files and bonus content are included in the package.

You pay only one time for the bundle so all lessons/videos that will be put into the bundle in the future will be free for you.

You can purchase the lessons separately or the full bundle. When purchase a lesson separately I send you a download link to the video. Choose from the shop list below.

If you only want the pdf files to the official videos, follow the link below:

Pdf files - Latin - Chord/Melody Guitar arrangements



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