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Here´s the full "Walking bass with chords" course to purchase.

If you´re interested to learn to play in the style you will have a good start and progression in this course.

8 Web store versions video lessons includes with pdf files and an e-Book (the e-Book only with the full course) in the package.

The lessons are:

(Click on the red links to watch the YouTube versions videos)

1 - ...a starter

2 - The Bass line - Learn how to create a bass line

3 - The Chords - How to play the chords

4 - The Rhythm - Develop the Rhythm

5 - Duplet exercises

6 - A Blues shuffle comp

7 - One chorus Jazz blues, "W & L lesson"

8 - One chorus to the Jazz tune "Have you met miss Jones" "W & L lesson"

You can purchase the lessons separately or the full course with all 8 lessons. Choose from the shop list below.

If you only want the pdf files follow the link:

Walking bass with chords pdf files


Choose from the list below and I send you the package when I see your purchase.

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