My Licks


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Here are my licks.

I have official licks that I publish on Instagram, Twitter, G+ and Facebook and I´ve name them Insta licks.

They are linked from this page and have red text.

I have also licks for my members and they have green text.

If you´re a member you´ll have access to all of my licks.

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The system is that I have numbered the licks from 1 and up and some are for my members and some are official for everybody.

My licks:

- Insta lick no 1

(Dominant diminished)

- Lick no 2 - For Members

(2-5-1 in major)

- Insta lick no 3

(Octave playing)

-Insta lick no 4

(Aeolian scale lines)

- Lick no 5 - For Members

(Jazzy modulation lines)

- Lick no 6 - For Members

(Diminished lines)

- Lick no 7 - For Members

(2-5-1 in major lines)

-Insta lick no 8

(Dominant Lydian)

-Insta lick no 9


- Lick no 10 - For Members

(Country picking)

-Insta lick no 11

(Phrygian scale)

-Insta lick no 12

(Country pickin´ solo)

- Lick no 13 - For Members

(Jazz lines with legato)

- Lick no 14 - For Members

(Country picking lines)

-Insta lick no 15

(Melodic minor)

- Lick no 16 - For Members

(Dorian mode)

-Insta lick no 17

(Arpeggio & Pentatonics)

-Insta lick no 18

(Charlie Christian lines)

-Insta lick no 19

(Wes Montgomery lines)

-Insta lick no 20

(George Benson lines)

- Lick no 21 - For Members

(3 pentatonic scales)

- Lick no 22 - For Members

(Chromatic lick)

-Insta lick no 23

(One chorus Blue Bossa)

-Insta lick no 24

(Outside playing)

-Insta lick no 25

(Arpeggio lick in A major)

-Insta lick no 26

(Country picking soloing)

-Insta lick no 27

(Country guitar lines)

-Insta lick no 28

(JazzFusion Hybrid lick)

- Lick no 29 - For Members

(From "In your own sweet way")

- Lick no 30 - For Members

(Chromatics, sweep picking & blues)

- Lick no 31 - For Members

(Triplet lick with bendings)

-Insta lick no 32

(Major key lick)

- Lick no 33 - For Members

(Slide the tones lick)

-Insta lick no 34

(Jazz Blues lick to the Bb7)

-Insta lick no 35

(Altered tones - 2-5-1 in major)

-Insta lick no 36

(Phrases from  Blue Bossa)

-Insta lick no 37

(Bossa Nova style lines)

-Insta lick no 38

(Lines to a Rhumba Blues beat)

-Insta lick no 39

(Lines in the Lydian mode)

-Insta lick no 40

(Sweeping lick in the Lydian mode)

-Insta lick no 41

(...jazzy lines to a minor Jazz Blues)

-Insta lick no 42

(Arpeggio & chromatic Jazz lick)

-Insta lick no 43

(Jazz licks from Stella by Starlight)

-Insta lick no 44

(Jazz Fusion lines from John Scofield)

-Insta lick no 45

(Jazz Fusion lines from Mike Stern)

-Insta lick no 46

(Two Jazz Blues in major lines)

-Insta lick no 47

(Melodic minor to 2-5 in minor)

- Lick no 48  - For members

(E7 Bluesy lick)

-Insta lick no 49

(...a sliding the tones lick)

-Lick no 50  - For members

(Two Jazz blues licks in C minor)

-Lick no 51  - For members

(Jazz Blues lick in C minor)

-Lick no 52  - For members

(Jazz Blues lick in Bb - 1)

-Lick no 53  - For members

(Fusion lick in C lydian )

-Insta lick no 54

(Three Blues licks in different keys)

-Insta lick no 55

(Three Country guitar licks)

-Lick no 56  - For members

(2-5-1 in G with altered tones)

-Insta lick no 57

(Two A minor dorian licks)

-Insta lick no 58

(Two melodic minor licks)

-Insta lick no 59

(2 fusion guitar licks - 2 techniques)

-Insta lick no 60

(2 guitar licks in E minor)

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Instagram licks



- Lick no 61 - For members

(Two 2-5-1 licks in major)

- Lick no 62 - For members

(Two 2-5-1 licks in minor)

-Insta lick no 63

(2 octave playing guitar licks)

-Insta lick no 64

(Melodic minor licks - part 1)

-Insta lick no 65

(Two 7th chord licks)

-Insta lick no 66

(Two licks from Billie´s Bounce)

-Insta lick no 67

(Two licks to a Samba beat)

- Lick no 68 - For members

(Two licks from Revelation)

-Insta lick no 69

(Two 7th chord licks - part 2)

-Insta lick no 70

(Two licks to the A minor Dorian mode)

- Lick no 71 - For members

(Joe Pass lines on Rosetta no.1)

- Lick no 72 - For members

(Jim Hall lines)

- Lick no 73 - For members

(Pat Martino lines)

-Insta lick no 74

(251 licks with altered tones)

-Insta lick no 75

(Two licks to a Latin jazz beat)

- Lick no 76 - For members

(Pat Metheny lines)

-Insta lick no 77

(Pentatonics to the 2-5-1 progression)

-Insta lick no 78

(Chromatic & Sequence Jazz licks)

-Insta lick no 79

(Jazz fusion lines)

- Insta lick no 80

(3 Jazz fusion licks)

- Lick no 81 - For members

(Two lines from Dolemite)

- Lick no 82 - For members

("Get your things together" lines)

- Lick no 83 - For members

(Two lines from Whippersnapper)

-Insta lick no 84

(Jazz blues lick in Bb - 4)

-Insta lick no 85

(2-5-1 lick in G major)

-Insta lick no 86

(Arpeggio, legato & bend lick)

-Insta lick no 87

(Jazz blues lick in C)

-Lick no 88 - For members

(Jazz blues lick in Bb - 3)

-Lick no 89 - For members

(Jazz blues lick in Bb - 5)

-Insta lick no 90

(Another Jazz blues lick in Bb -2)

-Insta lick no 91

(...and another 2-5-1 lick in major)

-Lick no 92 - For members

(Triplet lick in Fusion style)

-Lick no 93 - For members

(Arpeggios & Pentatonics)

-Insta lick no 94

(Two blues licks with the m6th penta)

-Insta lick no 95

(Legato ideas and pentatonic runs)

-Insta lick no 96

(Octave solo playing lines)

-Lick no 97 - For members

(Dominant diminished to the dominant)

-Lick no 98 - For members

(Altered scale to the dominant)

-Insta lick no 99

(Polymetric licks)

-Insta lick no 100

(Carlos Santana lines on Hold on)

- Lick no 101 - For members

(Ionian licks to the maj7 chord)

- Lick no 102 - For members

(From my version of Blue in Green)

- Lick no 103 - For members

(Joe Pass lines on Rosetta no.2)

- Lick no 104 - For members

(Joe Pass lines on Rosetta no.3)

- Lick no 105 - For members

(From my version of "James")

- Lick no 106 - For members

(Alt. arpeggios on the 7th chord)

- Lick no 107 - For members

(From the tune Moments Notice)

- Lick no 108 - For members

(...from my CBG jam 3)

- Lick no 109 - For members

(Pentatonic scales to 2-5-1)

Lick no 110 - For members

(2nd line from Santanas "Hold on")

- Lick no 111 - For members

(Pat Martinos lines on The Days...)

-Insta lick no 112

(Lines from the Days of wine & roses)

- Lick no 113 - For members

(Giant steps lines)