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Improvisation with fundamental theory is the head topic in my guitar lessons. I have played in various genres through the years but no matter what style I have played, there´s the improvisation moment I search. I like to play Jazz, Blues, Country, Funk and many styles and there´s in the improvisation my heart is. So....my intention is to have lessons in various genres but to put in solo scales, phrasing and everything that belongs to the improvisation topic.

I build my lessons around my courses and bundles. I have four head topics there are Improvisation, Various Genres, Other courses and Beginners/Keep on playing. Under these there are courses/bundles with many different topics.

I also do guitar licks and quick lessons there are short lessons to get a bit of knownledge in a bigger topic or to learn a scale or similar smaller topics to put into your playing at once.

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- Info. about my lessons, arrangements, solo transcriptions and more.

My material is for you who will explore and develop your guitar playing but also if you´re a guitar teacher and want new stuff for your students.



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