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There are also backing tracks to some of the songs for you to play along with. For me, the backing track exercise is an important element to play as near the real playing you do on concerts and performances as possible. Find more backing track in my Tee Bee backing tracks web store.

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Welcome to my guitar lessons!

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Thomas Berglund                              

Hi and welcome to Thomas Berglund Guitar lessons!





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If you´re searching for guitar lessons with improvisation and fundamental theory you have come to the right place. The improvisation topic goes through all my lessons. I have played in various genres through the years but no matter what style I have played, there´s the improvisation moment I search. I love Jazz, Blues, Country and many styles but there´s in the improvisation my heart is. intention is to have lessons in various genres but to put in solo scales, phrasing and stuff from the improvisation.

The improvisation course have essential scales, inside/alternative soloing scales, phrasing and more advanced stuff about improvisation as courses. What I´m talking about in the improvisation course you can use in every style more or less. So that´s why I have a lots of songs in various styles were you can practice in context what you´ve learn.

I build my lessons around my courses and they work like this. I have five head topics there are Improvisation, Various genre courses, Various guitar courses, Beginners course and Keep on playing course. Under these there are courses and under these there are sub courses. I think you understand the navigation when you start to surf on the site. You go like this for example:

Various genre courses / Jazz / Jazz solo transcription / Chitlins con carne


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Some voices about Thomas


Thomas lessons is great!

I have develop my improvisation skills a lots since I started follow his lessons.

/Simon Hammer


I´m very happy to have found Thomas lessons. He´s an inspiration both as a musician and a teacher. I cannot find anyone else to learn better from.

/Kumar Sankar


I love Thomas courses. When you´re ready with a course there are plenty more to start work on and everyone is filled with such useful stuff.

/Eric Landberger


I can recommend everyone to signup to Thomas members site.

So much useful stuff when you want to improve the guitar playing.

/Greg Bowling

For the moment there are 290 video guitar lessons, 20 full courses with e-Books included, 300 licks, chord clips, soloing and melody videos and also performances, live clips, Q & A videos and more on my members site so there are quite much for you to explore.

Hope you want to join me and I promise to keep on working and publish new ones as long as I have members on the site.

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