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Hi and welcome to Thomas Berglund Guitar lessons!

If you´re searching for guitar lessons with improvisation and fundamental theory you have come to the right place. The improvisation topic goes through all my lessons. I have played in various genres through the years but no matter what style I have played, there´s the improvisation moment I search. I love Jazz, Blues, Country and many styles but there´s in the improvisation my heart is. intention is to have lessons in various genres but to put in solo scales, phrasing and stuff from the improvisation.

The improvisation course have essential scales, inside/alternative soloing scales, phrasing and more advanced stuff about improvisation as courses. What I´m talking about in the improvisation course you can use in every style more or less. So that´s why I have a lots of songs in various styles where you can practice in context what you´ve learn.

I build my lessons around my courses and bundles. I have four head topics there are Improvisation, Various Genre, Other courses, Beginners/Keep on playing.

Under these there are courses and under these there are sub courses as well. It can look like this.

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