My Hybridcaster

Many people ask me about this guitar so I tell you about it in this blog.

It´s a custom made guitar built by the swedish guitarmaker Hans Larsson from AdLib Guitars in Stockholm! I wanted a guitar that mix Fender and Gibson so it´s a Tele made mahogny unsolid body with two humbucker pickups that´s splitable to get more of a tele sound when splitted and a rockier sound as normal humbuckers. As you see on the picture it´s also a whammy bar and it´s a vintage stratocaster whammy system that´s not so common with telecasters looks like a tele but it´s more of a hybrid guitar.

As you can see I have the red Gibson color to the body and the neck is more of a Fender design though a little bit broader than a standard tele and the feel is awesome I can tell.

The pickups are a T-bear humbucker to the neck that´s a swedish pickup and a Seymour Duncan, Jeff Beck humbucker pickup to the bridge. With these pickups I can go from a warm jazzy sound to a aggressive hardrock sound.

I really like the gold metall, the Gibson color and the Telecaster design together. I use to called it a Hybridcaster that´s a suitable name to the beauty!


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