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You will also have access to a video swap were I watch a video when you´re playing and I give tips to develop your playing.

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Since I sign up to Thomas members area I have develop my playing to a new level. His lessons in improvisation, Jazz, Fusion and also in Blues, Country and other styles are very inspiring for me.

/Brent Fulson


If you haven´t yet sign up to Thomas members area, do it and you will never regret it. Thomas is a very inspiring teacher and musician.

/Simon Janiszewski

For the moment there are around 300 video guitar lessons, 21 full courses with e-Books included, around 250 videos with licks, chord clips, soloing and melody videos and also performances, live clips,

Q & A videos and more on my members site so there are quite much for you to explore.

Hope you want to join me and I promise to keep on working and publish new ones as long as I have members on the site.

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