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Here´s a bundle with 3 Coffee Break Grooves jams. I´m playing to a back track from Coffee Break Grooves and have transcribed lines from the solos.

3 Web store version videos includes with pdf files and an e-Book (the e-Book only with the full course) in the package.

The videos are: (The lessons with red links are official - Click to watch)

1 - Coffee Break Grooves Jam #1 in Jazz with beat style

2 - Coffee Break Grooves Jam #2 in Fusion style

3 - Coffee Break Grooves Jam #3 in Latin jazz style

You can purchase the lessons separately or the full course with all 3 videos. Choose from the shop list below.

If you only want the pdf files follow the links:

- Coffee Break Grooves pdf files (No 1 & 2 - Fusion)

- Coffee Break Grooves pdf files (No 3 - Latin)

- Coffee Break Grooves Jams Bundle -


When you have purchase the course I´ll send you all the files to the course as soon as possible.

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