Improvisation Course

Improvisation Course

The improvisation course starts from essential scales to inside/alternative soloing scales to particular chords and then I discuss phrasing and more advanced stuff about improvisation. You´ll find a lots of songs in the genre course where you can practice the theory in context. Specially in the jazz and fusion courses.

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Here are the different courses in the improvisation courses.

Links to the improvisation courses:

-Essential scales

-5 boxes in G

-Soloing with inside/alternative scales


-Advanced improvisation

-Music theory


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- Alternative arpeggios course (5 lessons)

- Tips on arpeggios to the Cm7 chord

- Pentatonics "part 2" (pentatonics to the 2-5-1 chord progression in major)

- Essential scales & arpeggios

- Learn the church modes course (7 lessons)

- Major blues & Pentatonic scale

- Arpeggios to the m7b5 chord

- 5 boxes in G - Scales & arpeggios

- Learn the church modes course (7 lessons)

- Dorian scale - Lydian scale

- Major blues & Pentatonic scale

- Triads and chord tones to the maj7, m7, 7th, m7b5 & major and minor chords

- Inside/Alternative scales to the 2-5-1 chord progression in minor

- Inside/Alternative scales to the m7b5 chord

- Expressions in phrasing

- Basic intervals

- Dominant Diminished scale in a shuffle Blues

- Chord solo playing course (5 lessons)

- Jazz chord playing course (7 lessons)


The stuff in the improvisation course

works more or less in every style!