Various Guitar Course Tabs/Notes


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Guitar comping

Guitar comp no 1_Bossa Nova.pdf

Bossa Nova_exercise comping.pdf

Guitar comp no 2_Strumming.pdf

Guitar comp no 3_Funk style.pdf

Guitar comp no 4_Pop style.pdf

Guitar comp no 5_Rock style.pdf

Guitar comp no 6_Walking bass part 1.pdf

Guitar comp no 7_Walking bass part 2.pdf

Guitar comp no 7_Bass line.pdf

Guitar comp no 8_Walking bass part 3.pdf

Guitar comp no 8_Chord substitution.pdf

Guitar comp no 9_Funk style part 2.pdf

Guitar comp no 13_Funk style part 3.pdf

Licks & Tricks

Blueslick no 1.pdf

Blueslick no 2.pdf

Blueslick no 3.pdf

Countrylick no 1.pdf

Countrylick no 2.pdf

Countrylick no 3.pdf

Charlie Christian lines.pdf

Wes Montgomery lines.pdf

George Benson lines.pdf

John Scofield lines.pdf

Mike Stern lines.pdf

Guitar Riff

Always on the run.pdf



Chromatic Exercise no 1.pdf

Legato Exercise no 1.pdf

Sweep picking Exercise no 1.pdf

Bending string Exercise no 1.pdf

Jam of the month

December 2016 "Am Jam".pdf

January 2017 "Em-Gm Jam".pdf

January 2017 "Chromatic lick".pdf

Mars 2017 "C Lydian mode".pdf

June 2017 "Jazz Blues in a major key" - The lines.pdf

October 2017 "Melodic minor" - The lines.pdf

October 2017 "Melodic minor" - The scale.pdf

Song of the month

2016 December "Chet Chat" The song.pdf

2016 December "Chet Chat" The solo.pdf

2017 January "Brother Wet".pdf

2017 Mars "Blue Bossa".pdf

2017 Mars "Blue Bossa" Scales.pdf

2017 Mars "Blue Bossa" 7th chord tones.pdf

2017 July "Return of the Prodigal son".pdf

2017 July "Return of the Prodigal son" octaves.pdf

2017 July "Return of the Prodigal son" soloing lines.pdf