In this serie with 5 video lessons I go through the basics and beyond to a  12 bar Jazz Blues in Bb major.

The lessons and topics are:

Lesson 1 - Basic arpeggios / Basic chords with and without bass/root tones

Lesson 2 - Colored chords

Lesson 3 - Basic soloing scales

Lesson 4 - Dominant Chords substitution and Altered chords

Lesson 5 - Dominant chord soloing scales

When you have done this course you have a good base to develop and master the playing of Jazz blues.

Video lessons, e-Book, pdf files and a backing track are included in the package.

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- Play the Jazz blues Course -

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I´m doing a deep analysis of these guitarists lines in the course. I´ll show the lines and analyze them from which scales and the thinking behind. You get an e-Book, the pdf to the lines, the lesson article and the 3 video lessons including tabs and back track in the package. You can purchase the full course or the lesson separately in the shop chart below.

The guitarists are:

- Pat Martino with lines from "The days of Wine and Roses" - album "Exit".

- Jim Hall with lines from "Indian Summer" - album Commitment.

- Joe Pass with lines from "Rosetta" - album "Joe Pass plays fine music of Django Reinhardt.

- Jazz Guitarists Lines Course -

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-Finger picking



Here are 6 chord/melody guitar arrangements

with "watch and learn" lessons.

The arrangements are:

- Autumn Leaves "Johnny Mercer"

- Misty "Erroll Garner"

- There will never be another you "Warren Gordon"

- Blingon "Thomas Berglund" (original tune)

- Moments Notice "John Coltrane"

- Giants steps "John Coltrane"

- You´ll also get a video lesson with tips on

arranging chord/melody guitar arrangements.

You can purchase everyone as a full course or separately the one you want. There are video lessons including back track, pdf files and an e-Book (the e-Book only with the full course) in the package. Choose from the shop list below.

- Chord/Melody Guitar Arrangements Course -

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