Here are my chord clips.

I have official licks that I publish on Instagram, Twitter, G+ and Facebook and I´ve name them Insta licks.

They are linked from this page and have red text.

I have also chord clips for my members and they have green text.

If you´re a member you´ll have access to all of my chord clips.

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The system is that I have numbered the licks from 1 and up and some are for my members and some are official for everybody.

- Insta chords no 1

(Shapes with melody tones)

- Insta chords no 2

(Em jamming)

- Insta chords no 3

(...in Funk style)

- Insta chords no 4

(...in Funk fusion style)

- Insta chords no 5

(Blues picking in Scotty Moore style)

- Insta chords no 6

(A Bluesy comp with hybrid picking)

- Insta chords no 7

(Hybrid picking in Funk style)

- Insta chords no 8

(Chord solo lines to 2-5-1 in major)

- Insta chords no 9

(One chorus chord solo to a Jazz Blues)

- Insta chords no 10

(Chord voicings in G minor)

- Chords no 11 - For members

(...a half chorus Bb Jazz Blues)

- Insta chords no 12

(Chord solo lick to 2-5-1 in Bb minor)


My Chord clips


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