- Guitar Improv Camp -

I  arrange courses in improvisation that´s mainly for guitar but other instrument is also welcome to join.

There are three courses with different topics but I´ll also follow the groups intention and questions about improvisation in general.

Here are the courses:

Course 1: ”Scales and how to use them” - 2 days with 8 hours / day

Course 2: ”Phrasing in improvisation”- 2 days with 8 hours / day

Course 3: ”Advanced improvisation”- 2 days with 8 hours / day

The course is at my home in Järna to the cost of 2000 swedish crowns (200 Euro) / course and I teach in groups. The courses is during 2 days with 8 hours per day and I start up as soon as I have filled the course.

     - Course 1: ”Scales and how to use them” -

This course is about scales and how to use them both inside and outside the chords. I´ll go through the basic and essential scales and use songs to show how and where to use the particular scales. The scales are the church keys as ionian, dorian and so on, pentatonics, the altered scale, whole tone, diminished, melodic/harmonic minor and more. I´ll show and discuss the scale and play it in different situations so you can hear how it sounds in context. You will of course try it as well while I´m listening and coming up with tips.

    - Course 2: ”Phrasing in improvisation” -

In this course I´ll give you ideas to use in improvisation about phrasing. I´ll go through phrasing ideas from basic to advanced and there are about using sequences, using licks in improvisation, develop ideas, take advantage of the rhythm and how to phrase when playing outside and more. I´m using songs and chord progressions to show and for you to practice the phrasing. Along the course I´ll give you tips on how you can use the phrasing to sound better.

    - Course 3: ”Advanced improvisation” -

This course is for you who have good insights in scales and have played quite much and will find new tools to use in improvisation.I´ll go through chromatics, outside playing, the dominant chord, arpeggios, polymetrics, diminished sound and more in the course and also answer your questions about improvisation in general. The songs I´m using in all the courses are mainly in the Jazz and Fusion style but it can also be other styles as well.

If you´re interested send me message in the formula below and tell me which course / courses you want to join.

I start up a course as soon as it´s filled.

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Guitar Improv Camp

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I can promise great fun and a lots of new knownledge in Guitar Improv Camp.

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