Song of the month, July 2017

"Return of the Prodigal son"

This song is composed by the saxophonist Harold Ousley and has been recorded by many great jazz players. The jazz guitarist George Benson doing a stunning version on his album Cookbook. I really recommend to listen to that album featuring Lonnie Smith on organ by many other great jazz musicians. If your into jazz guitar and jazz improvisation it´s a must in the jazz album collection. Other players who has recorded this song are Freddie Hubbard and Stanley Turrentine that also doing great versions.

In this video I´m playing the song with octaves in the melody and in the beginning of the guitar solo. You will have the melody and the transcribed soloing lines played slow with music scores after the song has finished. In the end of the video there´s a backing track with tips on soloing scales and more.

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"Song of the month" Course

When playing octaves you´re double the tone one octave up or down. It´s important to mute the other strings so they don´t disturb the melody. I show this in my Road Song guitar lesson. Follow the link to come there. Road Song

The 1st transcribed soloing line is with octave playing. You´ll get more of a rich sound using this kind of playing.

Good luck and don´t hesitate to ask me if there´s anything unclear.

Here´s the scores with guitar tabs to the transcribed lines in the soloing.

Transcribed lines

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It´s very effective to play chromatic tones in fast lines. Here´s the 2nd line with some chromatic tones.

The 3rd line including A minor and B minor pentatonic scale which I really like to use when playing in the dorian mode.

The solo part is looping the chords: II: Am  D  :II

The basic soloing scale to use is the dorian scale in A minor.

- 1, 2, b3, 4, 5, 6, b7 -

- D, E, F, G, A, B, C -