Jam of the month, Mars 2017

...soloing in the Lydian mode

In this video I soloing in the Lydian mode and

down below it´s the C lydian scale in the 7th position.

So the basic scale I´m soloing with is the C major lydian and

I use to search for scales within the scales and in

the C major Lydian I found the E and B minor pentatonic scales.

Down below are these pentatonic scales in the 7th position.

Good luck and keep it swinging!

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...a good idea to phrasing ideas is to really focus on the

Rhytmic and Melodic motifs that comes up. Twist them and do sequences with them in the soloing and you get a melodic flow in your playing.

If you´re uncertain how to use sequence playing in your soloing you can watch my:

"Using of Rhythmic motifs in the Sequence playing when improvising"

Another good idea is to record yourself and listen afterwards.

Then you can hear what sounds good in your playing.


Here´s the scores with guitar tabs to the transcribed lines in the soloing.

Transcribed line 1

Transcribed line 2