Guitarcomp in Funkstyle "part 3"

...Hybrid picking in a Funk style comp!

"Guitar comp no.13"


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There are many style in Funk from The Meters, Sly and the Family stone, Prince, EWF and more. The kind of Funk style comping in this lesson is more from modern Jazz Fusion and Jazz Rock. It could have been played of Wayne Krantz, Oz Noy or musicians like them.

- Here are the chords:

I´ll show the hybrid picking technique in the lesson and you´re using the pick instead of the thumb as you do in finger picking. The middle and the ring finger are used but you can of course play with the little finger as well.

- Here are the scores:

There are many other styles you have use of the hybrid picking as Country, Jazz and actually every style you´re playing there will be situations when hybrid picking will be used so it´s worth the work to get the flow in this technique and I will promise you great fun with it.

Good Luck!