"Song of the month" Course


Various Guitar Course

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Here´s the "Song of the month" course!

I´ll here publish songs that you can learn and practice to the  backing track included. I play the song to start with and then I have the slow version with tabs for you to learn the song and it´s a backing track to play along with.

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Song of the month course

- Dec. 2016 - Chet Chat ...a Country guitar picking song

- Jan. 2017 - Brother Wet ...a 70´s Jazzrock song

- Feb. 2017 - Instant Talk "Jazz fusion"

- Mars 2017 - Blue Bossa ...Latin style, Jazz standard

- April 2017 - Take it "Blues fusion"

- May 2017 - Revelation "Gospel fusion"

- June 2017 - Pick it "Country picking"

- July 2017 - Return of the Prodigal son "Jazz with beat"

- August 2017 - Get your things together "Fusion"

- September 2017 - Whippersnapper "Fusion"

- October 2017 - Dolemite "Blues fusion"

- Jan. 2018 - Billie´s Bounce ...a Jazz Blues tune

- Mars 2018 - Solar ...a Miles Davis Jazz tune

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- Pick it - ...a country picking tune