Stella by Starlight

Chord/melody, guitar arrangement.

...includes backing track and transcribed soloing lines.

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Jazz Course

Copyright © Thomas Berglund, TeeBeeMusik

Various Genre Course


Here´s the chord/melody, guitar arrangement.

...and the transcribed lines.


The first line starts with a 2-5-1 chord progression in major.

(Fm7 - Bb7 - Ebmaj7) where I´m playing inside with arpeggios.

I also use chromatic passing tones leading into the Ebmaj7 chord.

On Ab7#11 I ´m playing the Dominant Lydian scale.

On the following chords Bbmaj7, Em7b5 and the A7b9 I´m also

using inside arpeggios and land on the minor 3rd to Dm7.


The 2nd soloing line starts with 2 -5 in minor (Am7b5 - D7) but it´ll goes to a G7#5 instead of the Gm7 chord

Here I land on chord tones as the Root on Am7b5, the major 3rd on D7 and the major 3rd on G7#5.

On G7#5 I continue the line with playing the Whole tone scale ending with a pentatonic thing on Cm7.

Furthermore on Ab7#11 I´m playing the Dominant lydian scale that´s the same as the Eb melodic minor scale.

I finish the line with a major scale phrase to the Bbmaj7 chord.


The 3rd line starts with two 2-5 in minor. (Dm7b5 - G7b9 - Cm7b5 - F7b9)

On the 2-5 chord progression I like to play on the melodic minor scale.

To Dm7b5 - G7b9 I use the F minor melodic scale and on Cm7b5 - F7b9 the Ebminor melodic scale. There´s an interesting sound from that scale

to these chords that I like.

The end of this line I´m playing a rhytmic sequence with the Bb major scale to the Bbmaj7 chord all the way to the Em7b5 chord.

Good luck!