Road Song

I´ll show and discuss the soloing scales to all the chords to this song. I show how to play octave playing as well.

When playing in octaves you mute the strings there are not played. Use your right hand fingers and place them slight on the strings there are not played to mute them. I´ll show this in the video lesson.

Down below I´ll show the chords and what scales I use to each of them.

To the Gm7 and C7 chord I use the Gm dorian scale and when playing C7 it´s called C7 mixolydian:

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To the Am7b5 and D7b9 it works great with the G harmonic minor and to these chords it´ll be a kind of altered scale since there are altered tones to the D7b9 in it:


Then it´s the Gm7 chord again and I use the Gm dorian scale again. After the Gm7 comes the Fm7 and Bb7 and to them I´m playing the Fm dorian scale. You can see it as the same scales as to the Gm7 and C7 but a whole tone down (2 frets).


To the next chords Eb7#11 and A7+ I use the Bb melodic minor and to Eb7#11 it´s called the dominant lydian scale and to A+7 it´s the altered scale.

The A part ends with D7#9 to Gm7 the first time and stays on the D7#9 the second time. On D7#9 I´m playing the D7 altered scale or the harmonic minor in G I show above that´s a kind of altered scale and on Gm7 the dorian scale in G again.


The B part starts with 2-5-1 (Cm7-F7-Bbmaj7) in Bb major and I´m playing the Bb major scale to them. The right name to these scales will be, Cm dorian to Cm, F7 mixolydian to F7 and Bb ionian scale to Bbmaj7.


The next chords are Bm7 to E7 that´s 2-5 in A major and you don´t resolve it to the tonic chord and here I use the A major scale.


...and then there are 2-5-1 (Bbm7-Eb7-Abmaj7) in Ab major and I´m playing the Ab major scale to them. The right name to these scales will be, Bbm dorian to Bbm, Eb7 mixolydian to Eb7 and Ab ionian scale to Abmaj7.


The B-part ends with Am7b5 to D7b9 and you can use the same scales as I show above to these chords.

It´s a lot of chords and scales in this tune and if you have any questions just ask me in the comments fields below or in the YouTube comment field.

Good luck!


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Wes Montgomery used to play melodies and solos with octave playing that´s when you double the melody with the octave.

This is the song Road Song by Wes Montgomery. In my version it´s played in a beat groove with Latin jazz touch.

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