Fusion Course


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Various Genre Course


Here´s the Fusion course with tunes and other lessons that´s belongs to the Fusion genre.

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Basic tunes lessons

- Fusionized

- Take it

- Instant talk

Intermediate / Advanced lessons

- 4518

- EmSylt

- Brother Wet

- Coffee Break Grooves Jam #1

- Coffee Break Grooves Jam #2

- Return of the prodigal son

- Get your things together

- Whippersnapper

- Dolemite

- Revelation

Fusion solo transcriptions

- Farm boy - Goerge Benson

- Hold on - Carlos Santana

Fusion guitarists course

- 2 Guitar fusion lines from 2 guitarists

"John Scofield & Mike Stern"

- 15 Fusion guitar licks

- Pat Metheny lines

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- Pat Metheny lines