Dolphin Dance

Chord/melody, guitar arrangement.

...including backing track and music score

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Here´s the chord/melody, guitar arrangement.

Good luck!

Here´s chord/melody jazz guitar arrangement to the song ”Dolphin Dance”. The arrangement is written by Thomas Wixtröm.

There are guitar tabs included in the video, a slow version with the arrangement and a backing track as well.

It´s good to learn the chords in context to the melody when one see them from another point of view. To make it work one must change the chord voicings so it fits well to the melody.

Dolphin Dance is recorded to the album

”Maiden Voyage” by Herbie Hancock.

The musicians on the record are:

Herbie Hancock — piano, Freddie Hubbard — trumpet,

George Coleman — tenor saxophone,

Ron Carter — bass, Tony Williams — drums

I really recommend to listen to this album with these great players and great compositions.

If you´re interested in these kind of arrangement you can find more of them on this site and in my store.

Just follow the link.

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Download Pdf files to the lesson here:

Dolphin Dance.pdf