"Coffee Break Grooves Jam"

...a Jazzy Fusion jam with 6 transcribed lines!

Here's a soloing jam to a Coffee Break Grooves

backing track with 6 transcribed lines.

There are 2 single string, 2 octave playing and

2 chord solo lines in the video.

Down below you have the music score with short comments.

Copyright © Thomas Berglund, TeeBeeMusik

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The 1st single string line have a jazz bluesy feel and there are some chromatic passing tones in the phrase from the 5th bar.

The 2nd line is also a jazzy phrase that leads to the quintuplet lick in the 5th bar that`s a legato sweep picking lick. I end up with a melodic phrase with the 9th tone.

2 single string lines

2 octave playing lines

To play in octaves on the guitar is very nice and effective when it sounds much with a comparatively small effort. Wes Montgomery, George Benson and many jazz guitarists use the technique. In the 1st line I play chord tones and follow the scale and key.

The 2nd starts with the blues scale and continue with dorian scale and chromatic passing tones.

2 chord solo lines

Chord solo lines a good to have in the library of knownledge when playing solo. The 1st line starts with an open string phrase and continue with a bluesy short phrase in the 4th bar where I just follow the pentatonic and blues scale and put quarter chords underbeneth.

The 2nd line have some chromatic passing chord and ends with octave/third chords.

Good luck!