"Brother Wet"

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Brother Wet is a song by the band Wasa Express that´s started up 1977 and two members, Åke Eriksson and Bo Hallgren is original members still in the band. The band toured around Sweden and Europe at festivals such Montreux Jazz and similar back then. They played to around 1980 and took a 20 years break. I´ve joined the band 2003 and it has been a pleasure playing with them. I think we´re the only band that has played on both Stockholm Jazz festival and Sweden Rock festival which saying that you can´t put this band in a certain style and that´s the thing with the band even though jazz-rock is the style one saying we are playing.

Anyway....I´m playing the song Brother Wet in the video and also show it in a slow version with tabs if you want to learn it. You can also practice the song to the back track in the end of the video.

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