Here´s a finger picking comp with two different roll patterns combined.

The 1st roll pattern                     The 2nd roll pattern

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...and here´s both together:

As you´ll see the bass is played on every quarter note. My suggestion is to start practice the bass and it´s important that you´re playing it with the thumb.

When you have control over the bass line you start to play the 1st roll and then the 2nd roll. The fingering is in the tabs/notes. When you have control over the rolls separately you can play the both roll patterns together.

Start with the C chord and then the G chord and after a while the whole song.

I will say that that even if you´re a good guitar player in other styles you´ll feel as a beginner in this style to start with and the best way to learn is to practice step by step. I´ll show everything in the video lesson.

Good luck!


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