Links to the lessons/pages in the inside/alternative course:

-Inside/alt to Gmaj7

-Inside/alt to Gm7

-Inside/alt to G7

-Inside/alt to 2-5-1 in major

Inside/Alternative Scales Course


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Improvisation Course


Welcome to the ”Soloing on inside/alternative scales” course! In these lessons I´ll show inside and alternative soloing scales to the particulary chords. Of course there are more of both inside and alternative scales than I´ll show but these are some.

The lessons are:

-Inside/alt. scales to Gmaj7

-Inside/alt. scales to Gm7

-Inside/alt. scales to G7

-Inside/alt. scales to 2-5-1 in major

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- Inside/Alternative scales to the 2-5-1 chord progression in minor

- Inside/Alternative scales to the m7b5 chord

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- Inside/Alternative scales course