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Advanced Improvisation Course


Copyright © Thomas Berglund, TeeBeeMusik

Improvisation Course


Alternative arpeggios to the maj7 chord

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Full "Alternative Arpeggios" course available from the link below

"Alternative arpeggios" course


Links to the lessons in the advanced improvisation course:


-Pentatonics "part 1"

-Pentatonics "part 2"

Chord comping

-Jazz chord playing "part 1"

-Chord playing

Outside playing

-Outside playing


-Alt. arp. to the maj7 chord

-Alt. arp. to the 7th chord

Chord solo

-Chord solo 1 - Bb Jazz Blues

-Chord solo 2 - 251 in major



Diminished Scale & Chord

-Diminished scale

Dominant Scales & Chords

-Dominant chord