Advanced Improvisation Course

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Improvisation Course


Welcome to the ”advanced improvisation” course! In these lessons I ´ll discuss various subjects about improvisation. These will develope your improvisation skills and help you find your sound among all scales, phrasing and other stuff that´s a part of the improvisation. You can find these "advanced" lessons meanful even if you´re not used with improvisation.

The lessons are:

-Pentatonics - 3 pentatonic scales in the dorian mode

-Chromaticism - Incorporate chromatic tones in the soloing

-Chord playing - Using scale tones in the comping

-Diminished scale - and Dominant diminished

-Dominant chord - Soloing scale

-Outside playing - ...or being outside the basic key for a while

-Arpeggios to the maj7 chord - Alternative arpeggios to Gmaj7

-Arpeggios to the m7b5 chord - Alternative arpeggios to Gm7b5

-Polymetrics - Using polymetric phrases in the soloing

-Chord solo - One chorus Jazz Blues in Bb

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- Alternative arpeggios to the 7th chord

- Alternative arpeggios to the m7 chord

- Tips on arpeggios to the Cm7 chord

- Pentatonics "part 2" (pentatonics to the 2-5-1 chord progression in major)

- Chord solo lines to 2-5-1 in major

- Chord solo lines to 2-5-1 in minor

- One chorus chord solo to a Jazz blues in F

- Jazz chord playing course