……these musicians, sites and music related stuff.

The internet is full of informations about everything and very much about music. When working with my lessons and my own music I have met and seen many people and down below are a few of them.

I really like their work and want to recommend them to everyone.

Check them out and find some really great quality stuff.

I recommend...

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Geoffrey Belle

Geoffrey is a great guitar player and has a YouTube channel where he´s playing well known solos and show them in both original and a slow tempo. Examples on solos he shows are David Gilmour on ”Another brick in the wall” and Steve Lukathers on ”Rosanna” with Toto.

He has a great sound and he´s very accurate with the solos he shows.

The text below is from Geoffrey´s YouTube channel:

Hello, I love Rock music, I love Easy listening music, I love Classical music, I love Blues music, I love Orchestra music, as a matter of fact,....I love music in a wide range. But most of all, I love it when other people enjoy music. I hope these video's will encourage other people to play the guitar as well.

First I play the song at normal speed and after that I play the song at 70% from the normal speed and have it at a close up.

I use the program "guitar and drum trainer" to play over the backing tracks.

The backing tracks are mainly from http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/. (thanks for the makers of the site)

I don't have or use tabs for the songs. I think it's a good way to learn the songs on the guitar by ear so you can develop your musical feeling and find fingerpositions that suits you the best. In the video's I'll show you what I came up with.

I hope you will enjoy the video's and I hope they will give other guitarlovers a start to play the songs as well.

Here is Geoffrey´s YouTube channel:


…and here´s his website:



GMI - The Guitar & Music Institute

At "The Guitar and Music Institute" you´ll find a lot of useful musical stuff. They have several teachers and have courses from beginners to advanced in styles as jazz, blues, rock and more.

Their YouTube channel has a lots of great lessons and on their website you´ll find them easy cataloged. You can join up and be a member for even more great lessons as well. 

The text below is from The Guitar and Music Instituts website:

GMI not only offers free online guitar lessons, but complete courses in marketing for musicians and how to turbocharge your career as a musician. The site was created and is run by professional musicians who work in the widest range of music industry scenarios. All our tutors are fully trained and degree qualified musicians. They have a wealth of practical performance and music instruction honed over many years of experience.

Here´s The Guitar & Music Institut´s YouTube channel:


…and here´s the website:



Jamie Slate Music

Jamie has a YouTube channel where he upload all kind of independent and upcoming artist and it´s always fun and interesting to watch his Art Arcaeologist episodes. He has a great sense of humour and a good heart to distribute all those artists. He also compose and play music himself and it sounds great.

The text below is from Jamie`s YouTube channel:

Musician, songwriter, and recording artist out of the USA.

This channel features original music by Jamie, plus a running series "The Art Archaeologist" which features music and art reviews by Jamie.

See his Spotify, iTunes , and Band Camp links for more music.


Pump Audio


Jamie Slate Music Publ. Co.

~~peace ~Jamie

Here´s JamiJamie´ss YouTube channel:


….and here you´ll find his music:



Tim Lerch

Tim Lerch is a great guitar player in the jazz idiom. His playing jazzy guitar arrangement in a great way. He also doing lessons and upload them on his YouTube channel among the great guitar arrangements. if you go to his website you´ll find more video lessons and he´s also giving Skype lessons as well.

If you´re into playing solo guitar arrangement in a jazzy style a´ la Ted Greene I really recommend to listen to him

The text below is from Tim´s website:

Currently one of the Pacific Northwests busiest and most well respected guitarists, Tim is the newest member of the legendary Northwest Gypsy Jazz Group Pearl Django. In between gigs with PD Tim tries to play as many Solo Guitar performance as he can fit into the schedule. Tim also plays regularly with former Roomfull Of Blues frontman Mark Dufresne, Harmonica virtuoso Lee Oskar,  the Tim Lerch Trio. Also a sought after session guitarist, Tim records frequently in Seattle and Vancouver.

In addition to his live playing and recording schedule Tim is also a well respected and popular teacher with a busy schedule of private lessons, classes and workshops. Recent  activities include a new Instructional  DVD for Hal Leonard Publishing and  Master Class Videos for JazzGuitarSociety.com and a regular column in Fingerstyle Forum Magazine. For those players who don't live near Seattle Tim is now offering private online lessons via Skype.

Here´s Tim´s YouTube channel:


...and here´s his website:



Jens Larsen

If you´re into jazz theory and how to use it in context Jens is a great teacher. He has a YouTube channel with a lots of lessons with various subjects related to jazz playing. He also writing articles to his video lessons and publish them on his website and other sites. He´s also a great jazz guitar player and composer with his band Træben among other.

The text below is from Jens website:

Jens Larsen is a jazz guitarist, composer and arranger in the groups Træben, Yvonne Smeets Group, Jazz4kids and Wijnen, Winter & Larsen.

Besides performing, he teaches guitar at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and at  the BSN in Voorschoten. He also produces jazz guitar lessons on YouTube and writes articles for jazz publications.

Here´s Jens YouTube channel:


…and his website:



Göran Lindelöw

Göran Lindelöw is a great swedish jazz guitarist that has a bunch of arrangement for guitar solo on his channel. It always sounds stunning and with great musicality. 

I really recommend to listen to him.

Here´s Göran´s YouTube channel:


...and his website:





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