I have a thought about improvisation.

I look at improvisation as a group thing.

If you just improvise in your own way and

don´t listen to the band or vice versa,

a lot of expression slips away.

You can do a great solo,

but if the band is not behind you,

it´s not going to be as good as it is.

But when both the band and soloist

are on the same level and play

together it´s often becomes great music.

To make music out of just an

harmonic structure or just a beat is

very complex or very easy.

The difference between a great band

and a not so great band,

is how good they know

each other in the band, I think.

You don´t have to be best friends but you must

think in the same direction

in the music, and perhaps in life.

Sometimes it´s better to go out and eat a

great dinner with a

good wine and skip the rehearsal.

Just to get to know each other better.

I do the best music with the musicians

I have known long enough

to know what their favorite wine is,

if you see what I mean.

So.....why all those words when it´s just to play.

For me I must reflect over things sometimes.

I´m a player, and I like just to play the music,

but sometimes it sounds better

with some people and I must think about why.........

About Improvisation!

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