Here´s my Skype Lessons schedule for the week between 8/5-14/5 where you can book a lesson with me. Check the week schedule and choose your time in the PayPal store down below and pay and I see your booking and confirm your time by mail and we meet on Skype that time. If no time fits you, just send me an e-mail and we´ll try to find a time that fits you.

It´s swedish time so you must check it´s a good time for you.


Skype Lessons



If you like my video lessons you can book a time and we´ll meet on Skype and I´ll give you personal advice to develop your

guitar playing.


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Monday       - 19 June  -

Tuesday       - 20 June  -

Wednesday - 21 June  -

Thursday     - 22 June -  10.00 / 11.00 am

Friday          - 23 June  -

Saturday     - 24 June -

Sunday       - 25 June - 2.00 pm  

I´m giving Skype lessons and on this page you can book your time and we will meet on Skype. There are many benefits with skype lessons as we live on the other side of the world but can still meet and have lessons. The lesson will be customized to suit the individual and I prepare every lesson for the student so it will be as good as possible.

While Skype is an valuable resource, they do have one small drawback - we can’t play together because of the latency issues. So the lesson is built by playing one by one and I instruct how the playing can be better. I also have a bank of backing tracks so we can play solos on songs and chord progressions one by one. You play, I listen and vice versa.

The lessons are available in 60 minute slots and payable via Paypal or credit card. I charge 40 euro for 60 minutes.

To take advantage of these lessons, you will need:

• A Skype account - visit to set one up

• High-speed Internet connection

• A good microphone and webcam

• Good lighting

• ...a Guitar

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Skype lessons