The genre courses have 12 different genres!

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In these courses there are songs and other stuff that´s related to the particular style. They are also realated to the improvisation course.











-Singer song writer

-Classical guitar


Various Genre Course

Various Genre Course



Test to learn playing in different styles. It´ll varying your own style!

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- Impressions - ...a lots of chord soloing

- Pat Martino lines

- Walking bass with chords "part 1" - ...A starter -  Updated version

- Walking bass with chords "part 4" - The rhythm

- Instant talk

- Take it

- Pat Metheny lines

- Guitar comp no 15 - In Funk style "part 4" - Open strings and muting

- Finger picking "part 3"

- Pick your fingers "...a good practice tune"

- Guitar comp no 10 - Fingerplay in "More than word style"

- Guitar comp no 12 - Fingerstyle playing in "Love Yourself style"

- Guitar comp no 14 - Open strings in a Pop style comp